COVID-19 hits California: Governor introduces state of emergency amid rising mortality
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COVID-19 hits California: Governor introduces state of emergency amid rising mortality


Authorities in the largest states of Washington, California and New York announced that 11 Americans had already died due to coronavirus. California Governor Gavin Newsom reported that at the moment, another 53 people were found infected in California.

The first victim of a Chinese virus outside of Washington was a man from Placer County, near Sacramento. Officials believe that the deceased was infected during a cruise between Mexico and San Francisco.

At the moment, the CDC and health authorities have begun searching for other passengers who came into contact with the infected.

A few hours after the death of a man, Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency throughout the state.

The number of reports of new infections does not stop coming. Among them, there were six people from Los Angeles and three Americans who had recently visited Italy. All infected are undergoing treatment and are completely isolated from society in their homes. Only one of them was hospitalized.

State authorities strongly recommend that older people, children, and immunocompromised people stay away from large gatherings and, if possible, limit travel by public transport.

“More than $3 billion would be devoted to research and development of coronavirus vaccines, test kits and therapeutics. There are currently no approved vaccines or treatments for the fast-spreading illness,” reports Reuters.

As of Thursday, more than 98 thousand cases of coronavirus infection were recorded in the world. Of these, more than 56 percent recovered and nearly 3,400 people died, data displayed in a Graphic compiled by Reuters.

Image: JD Lasica/CC BY 2.0

Author: Usa Really