Arnold Schwarzenegger sues Russian robotics company for $10 million over robot that looks like him
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Arnold Schwarzenegger sues Russian robotics company for $10 million over robot that looks like him


“The Terminator” goes against the Russians. The Hollywood legend Arnold Schwarzenegger sues the Russian startup company for a working robot, which face looks like his and which company introduced at CES and the New York Toy Fair, and demands $10 million.

The Russian robotic startup company Promobot, which is the defendant of the lawsuit, is the largest manufacturer of “service robots” in Northern and Eastern Europe. At least the company describes itself like that.  

On the Promobot’s website the functionality description of one of the company’s products, a “companion robot” called Robo-C, can be founded: “Arnold Schwarzenegger will meet your guests, turn on the light and turn the kettle on.” On which, the real Arnold Schwarzenegger in his turn responded with his cease and district letter saying “like HELL I will.”

Although, the likeness is actually disputable. The robot speaks with a British accent, which is not like real Mr. Olympia sounds since, as everybody knows, he is an Austrian and his accent is pertinent. And the robot’s eyes are also not quite similar to the actor’s.

But regardless the differences in appearance the robot can “definitely pass for Arnold,” Digital Trends, which saw the bust-robot in February, said.

And here is why this is a real problem for the former California Governor. The fact is that Schwarzenegger never gave the Russian company his permission to use his face as a prototype for the rubberized face of the company’s product, nor did he OK it for use in the company’s promotional efforts.    

According to the lawsuit, Promobot allegedly had already asked Schwarzenegger to pose for a photo with the robot when the actor visited St. Petersburg, Russia, last year. However, the actor declined.

Schwarzenegger wants $10 million from the company, which is the amount he would have requested the company for using the likeness if they had asked him, and any profits that can be made from the looks-like-Arnold robot. Additionally, in the lawsuit the actor demands to block Promobot from recreating him on Robo-C. He is also seeking punitive damages and attorneys’ fees.

Promobot in its turn allegedly told Schwarzenegger that it would stop dragging “him” out in public or setting him up at trade shows.

The company’s website is still taking orders for other, non-Arnold Robo-Cs.

Author: Usa Really