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Terrified with COVID-19 the Americans are hysterically emptying stores and building bunkers
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Terrified with COVID-19 the Americans are hysterically emptying stores and building bunkers


The Chinese coronavirus COVID-19 has been the hottest topic of the world news being discussed in the media for the several last weeks. Even though the U.S.A., according to the latest numbers, registered only 225 cases of the infected, including 14 fatal, the Americans are massively convinced to be ready for the worst outcomes.

The people are petrified with the terrible prognosis that about 60 percent of the Earth population will suffer through Coronavirus. The popular public events are being canceled and the elder people are advised not to leave their homes without an urgent necessity. And even the stock prices have already collapsed at a record for ten years.

 The huge part of the American population is obsessed with the buying psychosis which is a stock-piling of grocery, water, toilet paper, medical masks and antibacterial products for hands. All household goods and personal hygiene means have been swept away from the shelves of many American stores for the last few days. The prices at the stores have also increased from 32 to 319 percent.

Besides, and it might sound horrifying, the cost of building underground bunkers, invented purposely to survive in nuclear apocalypses, have increased in six times. The last time there was a high demand for these bunkers it was in the distant 80s, during the escalation of relations between the U.S.A. and the U.S.S.R.

The officials, the politicians and some medics urge the Americans to enforce their person hygiene and use the medical masks constantly. One of the congressmen, the Republican and Trump’s supporter, even showed up at a vote to allocate money to fight the coronavirus wearing a gas mask, for which he was criticized by liberal-leaning members of Congress.

It is ironic that many hygiene measures supposedly aimed at countering the spread of coronavirus are not followed or openly ignored by those who talk about them. So, the Director of one of the departments of public health in California, Dr. Sarah Cody, licked her finger right during a press conference, at which she argued that it is very important not to touch the face to prevent infection with the coronavirus.

A former presidential candidate, Michael Bloomberg, did almost the same thing immediately after the statement about the need to take all measures to combat the coronavirus. Such events make many Americans suspect that the hysteria over the coronavirus is being artificially inflated to create the economic effect that certain political and financial circles need.

Author: Usa Really