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More than meets the eye behind the curtains of outbreak
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More than meets the eye behind the curtains of outbreak


Hello everyone, dear listeners of our weekly podcast section on the USA Really!

Since the coronavirus, or as it is also called COVID-19, is a hype-free topic, we decided to omit it this week, since it’s clear that there is no vaccine, and how many politicians, heads of state and other media personalities have become infected is not interesting to listen to.

Instead, we found news of unprofessional and even brutal police officers, the extremely controversial death of a snitch on the authorities of the Arizona prison, an attempt by a religious official to equalize the rights of Christians and gays, where, and somewhere even without the laws of the red flag and for dessert, refusal to recognize anti-fascists as internal terrorists.

The editors of the USA Really bring their condolences to the families of all who have suffered from the deadly and currently incurable virus. In quotation marks of course. Although, some information about the cured ones has already got passed around in the mass media.

And we move to the first news about the cruelty and even illegality of the actions of New York police officers when detaining a man who allegedly smoked a joint in a public place. There is a video in our article, and it will be enough to make sure of the excessive "zeal" of the police.

Not only that, even by law, but this also is not a criminal offense in this state, and no evidence was found proving the involvement of the detainee in this violation.

Advocates and even the police leadership seriously intend to consider this case, but we know how the “internal investigations” usually end, especially when it involves the police.

The second news may seem even funny if it were not for the total panic around the prohibitions on guns. The bottom line is that one school officer forgot his loaded pistol in the women's restroom! And although gender is not indicated, we are inclined to believe that it was a woman, otherwise, what should a man do there?

Well, since the authorities also intend to limit themselves to an internal investigation, it is more than likely that this guard will simply be transferred to another place of work.

And here we come to the most interesting news about the cops. Against the background of the two previous ones, it resembles a dog who bit its own tail. So one of the officers was arrested and his weapon was seized. According to authorities, the transport of firearms “was not in compliance with the specifications of the law,” whatever the hell that means.

But since there is this precedent, it is hoped that the system itself will be cleared of dangerous entities in the ranks of the police, because now they can fall under the gun laws.

And now, an article about how a fighter with a rotten system unexpectedly committed a suicide in a case of corrupt leaders of Arizona prisons. If you have not heard, then according to the official version of the investigation, the woman was found with a bullet wound in the head and the authorities immediately called it a suicide. Perhaps, she really pulled the trigger by herself, but would the public believe that it was a coincidence.

And now let's discuss West Virginia, or rather, one cunning official who, without understanding the problem, decided to attack the LGBT student club because of just a sign on the door. It said "Safe Place" in Spanish. And the official decided that it was a good opportunity to publicly claim that since such signs do not hang on the doors of Christian clubs, this is unfair!

There were also complaints that the LGBT club was allowed to gather during school hours and that Christian groups weren’t. As it turned out, it was a provocation. And all the official’s arguments crashed into a harsh reality, where everyone can do everything on equal terms. Now, this guy is not in danger of re-election.

Well, we got to the icing on the cake. It has long been obvious to everyone that every political party or even a political direction has its own detachments. In our case, the Democrats have a formidable force in the face of the Antifa and, of course, they do not want to lose such leverage that can attract attention with only one protest.

But in this news, it is important that recognizing the power groups of the right-wing as a threat, the Democrats decided not to include the Antifa in this list, despite regular violent protests and hundreds of victims who do not agree with their ideas.


Author: Usa Really