CBS "accidentally" shows the results of tomorrow's election in Illinois: Video
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CBS "accidentally" shows the results of tomorrow's election in Illinois: Video


The one-minute video, which caught part of CBS-affiliated television station, the WCIA 3 News broadcast, and showed ready-made election results that have not yet taken place, forced the channel’s leadership to apologize, but people are unlikely to believe that everything will be different.

For the first time, the video appeared on Sherry Daugherty's Facebook page, since then the post has gained more than 18 thousand views.

“While watching The Price is Right our station accidentally runs tomorrow’s election results… it’s Monday our election in Illinois is tomorrow,” written by Daugherty.

A few hours later, according to the author of the video, the station contacted her and tried to assure that it was a “mistake,” or rather, a “test run”.

"We do routine test rehearsals before every election to make sure the graphics work properly and to give directors some practice. The error was in putting the dry run on air. That shouldn’t have happened and we’re looking into it. Obviously, we never intended to give the wrong information or wrong impression. None of those numbers were based on any real polling returns. Since your post is being widely shared, I’d appreciate it if you would consider updating the original post so people don’t get the wrong idea."

Obviously, this situation is fueled by a total distrust of the government and realizing the extent of its error, Daugherty also received a private message from the News Director of WCIA 3, Rich Flesch.

"WCIA 3 News --- Sorry it was an error by our team. We are currently doing election rehearsals with test data and not intended to go on TV. We apologize for any inconvenience. - Rich Flesch News Director"

In one day, the video became so influential and viral that the station instantly reacted, as did the public. In response to such activity, Sherry Daugherty decided to publish another official statement.

“When the WCIA 3 accidentally aired election results the day before the election it scared me. They said it was a test and I understand rehearsals but the numbers were specific and might influence the election. Today we face fear of the coronavirus and many wont vote. Today we are sceptical about newscasters & news media due to "fake news". In 2016 Trump won & the Democrats claimed the Russians elected him. They also wasted time & money trying to impeach him. Now is not the time for any media outlet to make this kind of mistake.”

But, for sure, America will find out whether it was really “accidental” or whether they knew in advance the results that should be shown to voters only on Tuesday. Despite the assurances of the News Director of WCIA 3, the public has already taken up arms against the election.



Author: Usa Really