Two convicted men involved in armed conflict against federal agents plan to become senator and sheriff
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Two convicted men involved in armed conflict against federal agents plan to become senator and sheriff


Two members of the armed group, consisting of almost two dozen fighters, intend to work in the government of Nevada. The story begins in 2014, according to official information, an armed gang, including Eric Parker and Scott Drexler, who illegally tried rounding up cattle that belonged to rancher Cliven Bundy, who had refused for years to pay grazing fees, reports Idaho Statesman.

When the confrontation between federal agents and extortionists ended, the current candidates for public service positions also appeared on the defendants' bench. Criminal charges of conspiracy, extortion, assault, and obstruction were brought against them.

But despite the serious evidence base, dozens of witnesses, none of the two trials ended in a guilty verdict.

After a year and a half, which Eric Parker and Scott Drexler spent in prison, both defendants entered into a deal with the investigation, in which they pleaded only “obstruction of a court order” and were released because they counted the time already spent in prison the course of the investigation.

Now Democrat Sen. Michelle Stennett will have to face not just a politician applying for a seat in the Senate, but a person who can take up arms and resist the law, moreover, come through unscathed, reports Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Scott Drexler expressed a desire to become the sheriff of Custer County, as reported on social media.

“I would like to take this opportunity to perhaps dispel some fears about who I really am. I know that a lot of people have heard rumors that are simply false. I am going to in a very brief fashion set the story right as a full explanation answering all questions can take hours,” Drexler stated. “In 2014 I was involved in what became known as the Bundy Standoff in Clark County Nevada. I have heard that I went to confront the Federal Government which is completely wrong”.

The main opponents of the Republican will be incumbent Sheriff Stu Lumpkin and current sheriff’s Deputy Joel Peterson, reports Challis Messenger.




Author: Usa Really