Each household will receive $ 1,000 each month if Universal Basic Income Bill will pass
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Each household will receive $ 1,000 each month if Universal Basic Income Bill will pass


In an attempt to make riddance, or at least narrow down, the gap between the poor and the rich, the California government has proposed a new bill that will tax products that have not been taxed before, but will sponsor every needy household with $ 1,000 each month.

Despite the assurance of lawmakers that “there will be no additional conditions”, they still exist. For example, residents of California who already receive government assistance will not be able to count on this bill.

Also, as a search for funds for a new bill called Universal Basic Income (UBI), the government proposed that all services and goods in the state that were not previously taxed be taxed at 10 percent. With the exception of medicines, essential products of certain food products, goods from this list will be exempt from VAT.

Experts agree that this decision will make life easier for public services that are mired in paperwork. If the bill is approved, then all low-income families will receive additional funds, which will help them get out of poverty.

"The real attractiveness of UBI is it's something that would be easy for the government to do and wouldn't require a lot of bureaucracy," Mike Latner, a Cal Poly political science professor and political analyst, said, according to KSBY News.

At present, the bill is in the stage of financial analysis, but according to the assurances of lawmakers, it will be submitted by the end of the month. Although the deadlines are not final, the period of financial evaluation and filing of the bill may be delayed due to the coronavirus epidemic.

"You avoid a lot of the administrative costs of re-distributive programs by simply allocating money to everyone so you don't have to monitor and process all the work that's involved with something like redistribution programs," Latner said. "The downside is it tends to be expensive."

Image: Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash 

Author: Usa Really