Philadelphia police canceled all arrests of car thieves and drug dealers: Total lawlessness
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Philadelphia police canceled all arrests of car thieves and drug dealers: Total lawlessness


After the health care system and the US government showed themselves helpless before the coronavirus epidemic, the time came for the law enforcement system to collapse. After several weeks of futile attempts to control COVID-19, the Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw issued a decree in which she decided to recognize “narcotic offences”, “burglary” and “car theft” as non-violent, and subsequently did not entail arrest.

The public, already plunged into panic due to an incurable virus, is now afraid that criminals, when they learn that lawlessness can be done with impunity, will terrorize local residents.

According to the “new policy” of the Police Department, each criminal will receive a “delayed” arrest warrant so that in the future, when the coronavirus pandemic subsides, they can be punished for the crimes committed.

“The list of all “non-violent” crimes include all narcotics offenses, theft from persons, prostitution, economic crimes, stolen auto, retail theft, theft from auto, vandalism and burglary,” reports NOQ Report.

Despite the fact that Danielle Outlaw indicated how her goals were as Police Commissioner, she obviously no longer pursues them.

“It is an honor to serve as your Police Commissioner. I want you to know that I am committed to three primary goals: (1) crime prevention and reduction; (2) community engagement and inclusion; and (3) organizational excellence,” says the statement. “It is my belief that the crime and violence impacting our communities are not insurmountable. We can turn the tide while enhancing overall community safety with holistic, data-informed strategies that are grounded in enforcement and balanced with compassion.”

Now that an invisible enemy has become the adversary of the whole world, the law enforcement system rallied, above all, to defense its “soldiers” - the army of cops, whose duty was to protect the Americans. And, obviously, in order to protect the police from unwanted contacts with possibly infected people, Philadelphia leaves its residents at the mercy of crime and lawlessness.




Author: Usa Really