Twitter will ban tweets that spread misinformation about coronavirus
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Twitter will ban tweets that spread misinformation about coronavirus


This week the social media giant Twitter has announced it would take renewed action to battle the spread of misinformation concerning the coronavirus. It will require people to remove tweets that deny health recommendations or promote misleading health claims.

“As the entire world faces an unprecedented public health emergency, we want to be open about the challenges we are facing and the contingency measures we’re putting in place to serve the public conversation at this critical time,” the company wrote in updated safety policy.

The harmful content, prohibited on the site, will have the new definition starting from this week and will additionally include the denial of global or local health recommendations. Among the other actions there are also established science about transmission, manipulation of the pandemic for the gain of a third party or material meant to incite action or cause widespread panic.

The renewal in the Twitter policy follows Facebook’s marking stories with information about the COVID-19 as spam earlier this week.

Facebook unveiled its own portal for coronavirus information on Wednesday, with Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg saying it would give people access to “good information and trusted sources during the pandemic.”

Anyway, it’s not clear, how Twitter is going to deal with the information which is already shared around the site.

“As we’ve said on many occasions, our approach to protecting the public conversation is never static. That’s particularly relevant in these unprecedented times,” the company said. “We intend to review our thinking daily and will ensure we’re sharing updates here on any new clarifications to our rules or major changes to how we’re enforcing them.”


Author: Usa Really