The authorities of Hawaii can’t restrain the crowds of people who want to sunbathe on the beaches despite the quarantine
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The authorities of Hawaii can’t restrain the crowds of people who want to sunbathe on the beaches despite the quarantine


The US tourist center, Hawaii, which, before declaring a state of emergency in the country, hosted thousands of tourists daily, does not intend to stop, and even because of the threat of contracting an incurable virus, tens of thousands of people continue to bask on Waikiki Beach.

The increased indignation on social media forced local authorities to speak out on this issue, but instead of saying that measures would be taken, the public only heard that the Hawaiian authorities could not do anything.

“Beaches below the high water mark are open to the public and controlled by the state of Hawaii and DLNR, and we don’t have control over that,” Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell said.

Of course, Caldwell admitted that gathering in large crowds is undesirable at the present time, but from his statement it follows that the authorities will wait until people "themselves understand".

“Here’s the point: We’re pretty much hunkering down in the City and County of Honolulu. We don’t want to have large gatherings. We don’t want any gatherings anywhere in any private or public facilities,” Caldwell said, according to Hawaii News Now, and added, “It’s not a perfect solution because people continue to not follow the order. We are hoping that as we go forward, people will begin to realize the significance of the spread of this virus.”

City services also issued a warning. According to them, they cut staff and on the beaches, where thousands of tourists are resting now, there are no lifeguards.

“We have rising surf on the north shore and will anticipate our south shore to pick up within the next few weeks, we want the public to know there are no lifeguards in the towers. We ask that you stay out of the water if possible and away from the shorelines,” an Ocean Safety spokesperson said, according to Hawaii News Now.

In addition to this, many Americans accuse transport companies and hotel policies of not being able to return the money paid for their vacation. Hotels simply ignore the refund, some manage to negotiate a partial refund with airlines. Considering that the government banned flights to Hawaii just the other day, many Americans lost their money and vacations.




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Author: Usa Really