At Least One Killed in Helicopter Crash in Virginia
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At Least One Killed in Helicopter Crash in Virginia

Scott Gorslene

VIRGINIA — July 10, 2018

A helicopter crashed into a residential structure in Williamsburg near Settlement Drive on the evening July, 8. The crash also caused a fire at a nearby townhouse.

According to witnesses, they heard sounds resembling a crash and immediately dialed to 911.

Brook Sweeney, who lives across the street from the house which caught fire, said his entire house shook when the crash occurred. "I just heard a loud 'bam' and the whole house was on fire," Sweeney said.

The Federal Aviation Administration and National Transportation Safety Board are also responding to the scene.

Virginia State Police say at least 1 person has died after the helicopter crashed into a residence.

"Aircraft destroyed plumes of fire in the air." tweeted one of the witness Nicholas Solomon.

Donald Johnson was 10 feet away from the crash when it struck his apartment building. "I was downstairs on the first floor when that thing hit and I had never heard a noise like that in my life. I just walked out and looked and got out, I was afraid it would blow up."

The College of William and Mary in Williamsburg warned students of the crash and urging them to avoid the area around the school's Dillard Complex.

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