Philadelphia first decides not to arrest criminals and now stops issuing of concealed carry permits: Crime rises
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Philadelphia first decides not to arrest criminals and now stops issuing of concealed carry permits: Crime rises


Since the declaration of a national state of emergency in the United States, the Philadelphia authorities have taken a number of controversial decisions, including an order not to arrest people for committing non-violent crimes, and now, amid the shutdown of many institutions and enterprises due to the coronavirus pandemic, the government has stopped issuing of concealed carry permits.

In other words, the population, which did not manage to receive permits, remained defenseless against the threat of becoming a victim of a crime, since the police removed the obligation to protect their citizens and the hidden carrying of firearms is now also inaccessible.

In addition, officers intend to arrest armed people without permits, but prostitutes, drug dealers and robbers can sleep peacefully, they are not in danger of being arrested.

Inspector Sekou Kinebrew, a Philadelphia police spokesperson, said that due to the high flow of visitors to the state website, it could not bear the load and fell, and, in turn, the epidemic contributed to the closure of the office.

“Because this entire pandemic is inherently fluid, we can't predict how long it will be closed,” Kinebrew said, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer.

After such a controversial decision, the pro-gun community expressed its disaffection. In particular, Kim Stolfer, president of Firearms Owners Against Crime, a Pennsylvania-based group, referred to Philadelphians' Constitutional Rights and Law.

“It’s illegal. There is no provision in the law allowing it,” Stolfer said Friday to The Philadelphia Inquirer. “If you want to defend yourself, you can’t do it unless you have a license to carry, and if you can’t get a license to carry you essentially have no right to defend yourself.”

After the police decided not to counter crime, residents of Philadelphia were flocked to gun shops in order to protect themselves. According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, the number of inspections on the day stopping the issuance of permits has almost quadrupled compared to last year.



Author: Usa Really