US Airlines Report Wholesale Redundancy Unless Government Allocates $ 29 Billion
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US Airlines Report Wholesale Redundancy Unless Government Allocates $ 29 Billion


After all transport links between the United States and the rest of the world were stopped, all airlines lined up for the government with a request to allocate almost three tens of billions of dollars in interest-free grants, as the airlines themselves spent their equity on the repurchase of shares of their companies.

Major airlines such as United Airlines and Delta announced that if the government does not provide multi-billion assistance by the end of the month, then 60 percent of employees will be out of a job.

According to official information, the US government is ready to assist airlines, but not on the conditions that require the airline. The capitalist leaders do not miss the opportunity to recover profits even in the context of a nationwide epidemic, therefore, in response to a request to allocate $ 29 billion in grants, the White House offered 50 billion, but as a loan.

According to analysts, small airlines are doomed to extinction in any case, while larger airlines have a chance to avoid mass layoffs, but they will incur incredible losses anyway since hundreds of thousands of flights will be canceled within an indefinite period.

“Revenue for the April-through-June quarter will be $10 billion less than a year ago, a decline of 80%. Delta, the world's biggest airline, is burning through $50 million in case every day,” Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian said, according to Stamford Advocate.

According to the latest information, Delta has already sent 13 thousand employees on unpaid leave, with a total of 96 thousand people.


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Author: Usa Really