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So let's get started! Let's start with the guy who went into a Vegas store, dressed in a hazmat suit and sprayed some kind of liquid on the visitors, while filming everything on camera. It turned out that he just wanted to become popular in social networks.

And ahead of your questions, I will clarify that the liquid was not dangerous and it just was a bad joke, and now there will probably be a fine, I'm not sure that he will get to court.

Oh, not that we imagined 2020. Actually, the Oregon police, at the beginning of the week, asked concerned citizens not to call because of a shortage of toilet paper. Just a look from the side, the country that positions itself as the strongest, not only can not cope with the virus but can not even nullify the so-called symptoms of the epidemic, which are manifested in the form of a shortage of essential goods or food.

Now we pass to the most interesting! Obviously, this story has its roots in conspiracy theories, but not unreasonably, this news shocked Illinois residents. In short, the CBS-affiliated television station, live, showed the results of the vote, which should take place only the next day.

And it seems that the station’s management could simply ignore their own mistake, but they decided to speak with the person who posted the video, thereby heating public interest.

This was followed by an apology and a lot of things, but when the vote passed, it was possible to put on the foil caps again and admit that still, it was not a mistake and, yes, the difference was only in the figures, but the winners and losers were in the same places, as in the erroneous broadcast. Do your own conclusions.

And now about the attempt of convicted criminals who entered into armed conflict with federal agents and their attempt to get into the government of Nevada. You correctly heard the sensational case against the armed gang in 2014. Two participants in those events, not from law enforcement, applied for elections to be the senator and sheriff.

Well, next in line, we have hot news about burning dancers who, amid the epidemic, were re-qualified as food delivers. What a pity that we are not paid for this advertisement, but it is important that the people of Portland are thrilled! Now pizza or burgers will be delivered not by a tired masked guy, but by an incredibly attractive pair of strippers. Details can be found in the article on our website.

And finally, I left something that simply does not fit in my head. The authorities of Philadelphia decided to free the police from fulfilling their duty to the people and during the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, prostitution, drug trafficking, car theft, and robbery ceased to be punishable, which means that no one will be arrested if your car is stolen.

Amid this event, people began to actively buy weapons for self-defense, especially since it was allowed, and what did the government do? That's right, ceased to issue permits. It seems to me more and more that Philadelphia wants to artificially accelerate natural selection.


Author: Usa Really