New York officials fear morgues will be replenished next week
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New York officials fear morgues will be replenished next week


According to a briefing by The Department of Homeland Security, all morgues in New York City are fully prepared if the situation with coronavirus deaths worsens.

Amid the constant criticism of the US government because of their slowness and inaction in front of a national epidemic, this time officials decided to be proactive, thereby alarming the public.

“A FEMA spokesperson told POLITICO that New York has asked for emergency mortuary assistance. Hawaii and North Carolina have asked for mortuary help as well, and the disaster response agency is currently reviewing the requests, according to the spokesperson”.

And although this is a routine procedure related to the elimination of disasters and elemental calamity, the same measures were taken after Hurricane Katrina and the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

“We have the ability to expand pretty dramatically,” a spokesperson for the New York City Office of the Chief Medical Examiner Aja Worthy-Davis said to POLITICO. “If you look back at what we did during 9/11, we have the ability to create mobile stations that allow us to house bodies if we run out of space.”

Despite its full readiness, Worthy-Davis is inclined to believe that the danger of coronavirus can be underestimated and even if all the morgues of New York are fully prepared, they may not be enough.

“All hospitals within the city tend to have small morgue spaces, so it’s possible that with the capacity of hospitals in New York City, there may be an expectation … that they’ll run out of morgue space,” Worthy-Davis added.





Author: Usa Really