New Jersey Police Prevents “Coronavirus Party”: “The organizer was charged”
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New Jersey Police Prevents “Coronavirus Party”: “The organizer was charged”


A crowd of people tried to gather for the “Corona Party” in the Ewing Township, but the local police managed to disperse the crowd in time. The governor’s earlier decree banned congestions to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

According to police, 47 people gathered in a 550-square-meter house. The police took everyone out of the house and fined the party organizer.

During a press conference, Gov. Phil Murphy said that the attorney’s office is already working on this case and cited statistics on sick and dead in recent times in New Jersey, as an example of why you can’t gather in large numbers.

“New Jersey reported 2,289 new coronavirus cases on Saturday. Cases in the state now total 11,124. So far, 140 have died of coronavirus in the state,” reports NBC News.

Governor Murphy later tweeted “NO CORONA PARTIES. They’re illegal, dangerous, and stupid.”


Image: @drewsmithtv

Author: Usa Really