Surfer received a fine of $ 1,000 for visiting the closed Manhattan Beach and ignoring the lifeguard’s order
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Surfer received a fine of $ 1,000 for visiting the closed Manhattan Beach and ignoring the lifeguard’s order


Amid the nationwide state of emergency and a ban on leaving homes, inveterate surfers cannot help but ride the wave till all city beaches are empty. So another surfer was fined $ 1,000 for disobeying the lifeguard’s order not to go into the water.

According to orders from local authorities, all beaches in Los Angeles County were temporarily closed. According to the police, the fined man was the only one who dared to come to the beach for surfing.

“Manhattan Beach Police Sergeant Steve Kitsios said Saturday afternoon that no other beach closure violators have been cited and that his department is relying on voluntary compliance,” reports Easy Reader News. “Hermosa Beach Police Chief Michael McCrary said Thursday, that his officers also are counting on voluntary compliance with the beach closure order, but will issue misdemeanor citations to people who ignore the order.”

Despite bans on crowded gatherings, California residents are allowed to go to grocery stores where hundreds of people each and every day. Against this background, surfers were outraged that desert beaches were forbidden to visit, and shops were allowed.

“I support social distancing (for a certain amount of time) and we are all going to get through this. But (and don’t even think about responding if you’re not a surfer, because remember, we have to rely on the experts) to put a ban on surfing or long-distance swimming or paddling is wrong. If you’re looking for an expert, you found him. When I am surfing, stay away from me. No one is ever near me, I am so greedy. Stay off my waves, get out of the way, and don’t even think of talking to me because I know you’re trying to get me off my game and miss the next set ….In all seriousness, social distancing is 100 percent better surfing than going to the market, running, etc … These are facts. From an expert,” South Bay surfer Chris Bredesen wrote on Facebook, quotes Easy Reader News.





Author: Usa Really