Church of Illinois has been hiding the fact of coronavirus in one of the employees for more than a week
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Church of Illinois has been hiding the fact of coronavirus in one of the employees for more than a week


Churches and pastors in the United States are staggering every day with their disregard for human lives. Journalist Julie Roys revealed the terrible secret of Calvary Church of Naperville, whose pastor, Marty Sloan, had known and kept silent for more than a week about the symptoms of coronavirus of his assistant, Pastor Angel Escamilla and his family.

Given the fact that this church did nothing until the epidemic spread throughout the United States and continues to collect thousands of parishioners, Sloan also ordered all other employees to keep this information secret.

In his mailout, the pastor wrote the following:

“If pressed for information (about the Escamillas’ health) you should confidently reply with the following: ‘Please understand that if I knew anything about anyone’s medical condition I would not be at liberty to speak’ and then stop talking,” reports Julie Roys.

After a while, Pastor Marty Sloan showed his true face, which does not care about either its employees or the thousands of parishioners, he only cared that people continued to fill up the church. Therefore, the Pastor began to threaten those who are going to blurt out a secret.

“The staff member said that when several staff objected due to concerns about infection, Sloan asked them if they wanted to remain “essential,” because if not, that could change,” Roys quoted by an anonymous employee.

According to information provided by an anonymous source, the Escamilla family began to show symptoms of the disease as early as March 15th. However, Sloan forced Escamilla to shoot the video that day. Two days later, another cameraman stood behind the camera and also picked up the coronavirus.

But Sloan did not want to slow down and on March 25th, on Facebook announced the next events of the week.

At the moment, it is not clear whether the police are involved in this case. Since a few days earlier the Ministry of Justice issued a memorandum of criminal liability for the intentional spread of coronavirus. Since it is not clear who in this situation created a great terrorist threat, the one who was sick and was silent or the one who knew about the disease and made others silent.

Author: Usa Really