New York Mayor warned to shut down synagogues forever if they would not stop services
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New York Mayor warned to shut down synagogues forever if they would not stop services


As practice shows, there is one similarity between different faiths - during the coronavirus pandemic, they all continue to gather worshipers, contrary to common sense and contrary to government orders to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, has indicated the unquestioning conditions under which all religious communities must be closed for the duration of the eradication of the epidemic, otherwise, they will be forcibly closed forever.

"I want to say to all those who are preparing for the potential of religious services this weekend, if you go to your synagogue, if you go to your church, and attempt to hold services after having been told so often not to, our enforcement agents will have no choice but to shut down those services," New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said, according to The Jerusalem Post.

Although the Jewish communities, for the most part, showed prudence and postponed services until better times, some continue to gather small groups of 10 people.

“A small number of religious communities, specific churches and specific synagogues, are unfortunately not paying attention to this guidance even though it’s so widespread," de Blasio said. "I understand how important people’s faiths are to them, and we need our faith in this time of crisis. But we do not need gatherings that will endanger people."

Bill de Blasio appealed to all citizens to timely report on unauthorized services, regardless of religion. He also advised using alternative methods to practice their faiths for the period of the crisis.



Author: Usa Really