Pentagon has requested the supply of 100 thousand body bags
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Pentagon has requested the supply of 100 thousand body bags


The US government is gearing up for the worst case scenario. After the sad predictions of a number of experts and President Donald Trump that the losses from the coronavirus could amount to more than 200 thousand people, the Pentagon began to look for 100 thousand body bags.

After the epidemic began methodically mowing the population of New York down, the government immediately began to mobilize all the morgues, with the expectation of accepting 900 dead bodies daily.

Now that additional floating hospitals have arrived in New York, and people have not stopped dying, the Pentagon has not officially launched a search for body bags.

"As many as 200,000 Americans are projected to die in the U.S. coronavirus outbreak, a top White House official said Tuesday, even with another 30 days of the most stringent public health restrictions in place. Reviewing the projections, President Donald Trump warned Americans of a difficult period ahead,» reports Bloomberg.

Despite the fact that at the moment the number of deaths did not exceed 5000 people, according to the source, the government is preparing for the worst turn of events.



Author: Usa Really