US government intends to force taxpayers to sponsor churches
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US government intends to force taxpayers to sponsor churches


Religion Dispatchers draw public attention to a new bill called "CARES," which appeared to counterbalance all the catastrophic consequences caused by the coronavirus pandemic. But a more curious fact is that, in the framework of financial assistance to businesses and other affected organizations, religious organizations were included in the list of "needy".Now that the pandemic has given everyone access to federal money, all the churches were literally intoxicated with the opportunity to snatch a bigger piece.

«Churches, houses of worship, and nonprofits with religious missions are stalking this money and unless the Small Business Administration includes some constitutional protections in its coming emergency regulations to implement the CARES Act and these loans, there’s a good chance that American taxpayers will be footing the bill for church mortgages and preachers’ salaries,» read Religion Dispatchers article.

Backing to the bill, the document does not explain the reasons why believers or atheists should pay for religions to which they do not belong.

"The government’s taxing power should not be wielded to oblige Muslims to bankroll temples, or to coerce Jews to subsidize Christian and Catholic churches, or to force Christians to fund mosques, or to compel the nonreligious to support any of the above."

At the moment, everything regarding the provision of financial assistance to churches from the federal budget is unconstitutional, but the rules of the game have changed with the advent of the coronavirus and instead of violently restoring the economy, health system and education, the government decides that the military industry and churches deserve equal attention.


Image: Pixabay

Author: Usa Really