A Viral Racist Tsunami Has Started on Facebook.
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A Viral Racist Tsunami Has Started on Facebook.


TAMPA, FLORIDA – July 10, 2018

A picture of a man with a black woman standing next to him on Kennedy Blvd in Tampa went viral after it was posted by New Port Richey resident Glenda Anderson Hunter on Monday, July 9, 2018 on her Facebook page. The man in the photo is wearing sunglasses, socks with sandals and hiding his face behind huge sign he is holding. The sign shows images of the Confederate flag, the national flag of the United States and a red flag with a swastika in an inner white circle.

In giant capital letters, his sign reads “Homeless niggers go back to Africa”.


In less than 24 hours, this post got more than 30K shares and over 3.5K comments. Many suppose a white supremacist is behind the racial slurs and swastika. But some Florida residents quickly recognized the person. Palm Beach resident William Alexander said in his comment that he recognized the man as Tony Daniel. “He is pro African American rights. If he holds up racist signs against African American, racist whites look bad. He wants racism to seem more public and overt than it really is so white people get in more “trouble”. He is African American and is not pro-white racism. He doesn’t believe the messages on his signs. He write crazy signs because He wants the African American community to be angry and afraid like him, so African Americans will want to fight whites. He hates white and His signs make everyone angry. I can’t find one comment defending this POS”, explains William Alexander. “He and his wife have been doing this for years. he try’s to dress “white” and hide his face so he can stir up the most division possible. he is a far left loon that just try’s to start trouble by any means. He loves seeing people fight over race but we are all part of the same family if you go back far enough. Racism will end one day. This dude really wants to keep racism alive when everyone else in the country is trying to destroy racism.”

Tony Daniel is a well-known person in Tampa. According to the Tampa Bay Times, dating back to the mid 1990s, Daniel has regularly used his three minutes of public comment at council meetings to hurl profane and racially provocative invective at council members.

More recently, Daniel made news for driving his pickup truck though the city with a large sign described in press as emblazoned with a "Confederate flag, a Nazi flag, Mayor Bob Buckhorn’s photo, a black and white photo of three men being lynched, using the store’s logo and its trademark orange-stencil font to write out “Home Depot or Nigger Depot.” as well as no less than four uses of a the word "N-----," one in letters about a foot tall. Daniel refused to say why he’s targeting the company and Buckhorn, a white Democrat.


In the 1990s, he was arrested multiple times for his conduct. In 1994, after calling then-Mayor Sandy Freedman a "Jew dog" and council member Perry Harvey Jr. "Negro scum," the board took a vote on whether to permanently ban him. The vote failed.

Now the council is considering ways to potentially remove Daniel and other speakers from council meetings who violate new language guidelines regulating conduct and decorum.

Daniel described himself as a "professional protester" associated with the African People's Socialist Party, or Uhuru movement. He added that he would not try to resolve his insurance problem by complaining to the Florida Department of Financial Services.

"There are no instances in which I would appeal to any person, white, to resolve any matter for me — no ifs, no ands, no buts," he said in court, Tampa Bay Times reports.

“Never thought black people would be the most racist people on this earth.... King would be disappointed” says Miami Beach resident Leandro Castellanos.

Author: USA Really