Twins born amid the lockdown and named Corona and Covid
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Twins born amid the lockdown and named Corona and Covid


It happened not in the USA, but the USAReally can’t help but telling about this story as more and more weird and unexpected things take place around the world almost every day during the coronavirus and the lockdowns related to it.

A woman in India gave birth to twins amid the nationwide coronavirus lockdown. And the couple of parents decided to name their children, a girl and a boy, Corona and Covid.

The twins were born on the evening of March 26 and early morning of March 27. The poor kids arrived at the world in a difficult time not only for their country, amid the virus lockdown designed to halt the spread of the illness.

“When the hospital staff also started calling the babies as Corona and Covid, we finally decided to name them after the pandemic,” a PTI report quoted the mother as saying, via the Economic Times.

The parents said that they chose the names as a reminder of the "hardships they conquered during their birth" by arriving in the midst of a global health pandemic.

But they still can change the names of their son and daughter, and they even admitted that that would think about it in the future.

The mother and her healthy babies have been discharged from the hospital, but are expected to continue following strict lockdown rules in India.

Author: Usa Really