Democrats demand coronavirus aid to Hamas while terrorists want America dead
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Democrats demand coronavirus aid to Hamas while terrorists want America dead


The Democrats of eight states dispatched a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, demanding to know what America is going to do to battle coronavirus in Gaza.

While America is battling coronavirus with thousands of casualties as of now, the Democrats, including Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, are concern about their own abroad business like there is no problem in home.

According to the Senate latter, “as of March 24, the first two cases of coronavirus were confirmed in Gaza.” Two cases against more than 200,000 is an equal level of priority indeed.

And this is while the states these “Gaza Firsters” represent have their own cases. In numbers, Bernie’s Vermont has 293 cases and Warrant’s Massachusetts has 6,620 cases. And these are only two Democrats of eight who ignored problem in their states and signed to the Senate letter.

What should they do now? Yes, to take care of couple of the ill terrorists. And let’s don’t forget that Gaza imam praised the coronavirus as “a soldier of Allah,” saying not without a satisfaction that virus “hit all 50 states.”

"Are there people infected with the coronavirus? Allah be praised!" the hateful cleric ranted on Hamas TV. "The numbers in Italy: 450 victims yesterday. There is a victim there every 8 minutes... China is second to Italy with 3,300 victims. What is going on? Allah be praised! This the greatness of Allah."

They want Americans dead. American democrats want them alive, well and keep on getting more money for weapon.

Recall, Gaza is under control of Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group. There is no doubt that the groups like this will rather spend money for rockets and weapons than health care system. Whose problem is that?

Here is how the letter covers the democrat’s intentions. It quotes an article claiming that in Gaza, “health ministry officials” whined “that just one person infected with the deadly virus would end in ‘complete disaster’." Herewith, the socialist president candidate has repeatedly called to cut military aid to Israel but is ready to invest in Gaza.

And now, it became known from the sources that there were actually more cases of Covid-19 in Gaza last month and still, there is no disaster.

Daniel Greenfield, the author for Frontpage Mag shared his thought in his article of April 7.

“Perhaps the United States government should make sure that every American health care worker has protective masks and gloves, and every coronavirus patient in this country has access to a ventilator, before anyone even thinks about sending a single piece of medical equipment to Gaza,” he wrote.

The one of possible conclusions could be made from this is that COVID-19 is a thin pretext for aiding Islamic terrorists.

Greenfield adds:

“Meanwhile, Hamas has threatened to begin shelling Israel, and use the coronavirus as a secondary weapon, if it doesn’t get money on time. The Islamic terror group boasted that it “can send half of Israeli society into the bomb shelters, which will increase the number of coronavirus cases.”

“That would make the virus a literal ‘soldier of Allah’.”

Author: Usa Really