The authorities of the Texas town ordered residents to wear useless masks or pay $ 1,000 fine
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The authorities of the Texas town ordered residents to wear useless masks or pay $ 1,000 fine


The authorities in Laredo, Texas ordered all residents to wear “some form of covering over their nose and mouth,” which is obviously delirium and scaremongering rather than a real way to combat coronavirus, in addition to this ridiculous demand, the authorities are going to fine those who do not comply requirement while staying in public.

“We’re not trying to be punitive as far as trying to drown people in debt. What we’re trying to do is get a point across,” city Councilman Marte Martinez said.

It is worth recalling that all local pharmacies sold stocks of masks a few weeks ago.

Despite the coming impoverishment of all residents, city Councilman George Altgelt chose to take all the money of the people.

“I’d rather bury them in debt than bury them in a coffin,” George Altgelt said during the session.

Most likely, city officials do not understand at all which masks are really effective in the current epidemic. It is worth starting with the fact that the most common medical masks cannot protect a person from infection, since they only cover the nose and mouth, leaving the eyes and the rest of the face unprotected.

According to official information, Respirators of protection class FFP1 (Filtering Face Piece), which are usually used to protect against non-toxic dust, are considered effective masks. Respirators of protection class FFP2 are able to hold 94 percent of harmful substances. Respirators of protection class FFP3 are the most reliable, filtering out 99 percent of solid and liquid particles.

The rest of the “gizmos” like scarves of long collars and medical masks, which, by definition, are used exclusively by surgeons during operations and nowhere else, are of no use, and even vice versa, enhance the sense of fear in people.

According to TIME, more than 80 cases of coronavirus have been reported in the city and there are already five deaths.

Author: Usa Really