Florida pastor who was arrested for serving during a pandemic lost his insurance
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Florida pastor who was arrested for serving during a pandemic lost his insurance


Karma overtook pastor at The River at Tampa Bay Church, Rodney Howard-Browne. Two days after the arrest of a pastor, who acted contrary to common sense and endangered 400 people with the risk of contracting a coronavirus, now lost insurance.

The cancellation of insurance became known from Browne's lawyer, who said that his client intended to protect his parishioners from “government tyranny,” but the state authorities got ahead of him and deprived the pastor of insurance to stop the unreasonable and dangerous mass meetings.

“On Monday, the sheriff held this circus of a press conference and frankly lied to the American people and around the world,” said Howard-Browne’s lawyer, Mat Staver of the Liberty Counsel, according to OrlandoWeekly. “Defamed this pastor, put him at risk, painted a target on his back – on the back of the church. Ultimately resulting in death threats, even the cancellation of insurance by the insurance carrier. This has got to stop.”

It is reported that the law was signed on Wednesday. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis also said at a press conference that he did not have the authority or desire to close churches, but he would always use hidden loopholes to ensure security in quarantine.

“Look, I don't think that the government has the authority to close a church,” said DeSantis during the press conference. “I'm certainly not going to do that. At the same time we got with the churches and the synagogues very early, and said what you guys are doing, I think it's even more important, but can we ask that you do it in a way that is going to be conducive to this overall mission? And I would say almost all of them 100% agree.”





Author: Usa Really