Louisiana pastor going to gather over 1,000 people on Palm Sunday
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Louisiana pastor going to gather over 1,000 people on Palm Sunday


Life Tabernacle Church pastor, Tony Spell, who is called the Ambassador of the Coronavirus among Christians behind the scenes, intends to bring more than a thousand people in 27 buses in a couple of weeks to conduct the service on Palm Sunday.

His fanatical denial of a pandemic could turn into a tragedy. The funny fact is that the law enforcement authorities allowed six such meetings and most likely the seventh will also be held without opposition from the authorities.

Hiding behind the fact that the entire pandemic is supposedly a government conspiracy, and he needs parishioners to war with the Antichrist, Spell, together with the molester Roy Moore, continues to raise money for donations.

"Spell, 42, who plans to hold three services at his 1,000-member Life Tabernacle megachurch in a Baton Rouge suburb on Palm Sunday, has defied state orders against assembling in large groups…"

“The church is the last force resisting the Antichrist, let us assemble regardless of what anyone says,” he said.

Since the precedents of concealing coronavirus infections among church workers and even mass infections are already known, it is obvious that it is impossible to reliably estimate the extent of the damage already done to people visiting Spell services, parishioners simply may not suspect that they have become infected and continue to infect others.

Author: Usa Really