The video of the "sobbing nurse" turned out to be false from beginning to end
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The video of the "sobbing nurse" turned out to be false from beginning to end


In a viral video, in which Imaris Vera from Chicago, weeps and misinforms people that US hospitals lack remedies for coronavirus for doctors, but as it turned out later, the masks were given out to doctors and nurses, and the author’s hysteria is the consequences of a mental illness.

Vera further stated that she was a nurse, but the license did not confirm the fact that a person who had not worked for a year and then went to work for one day was considered as a nurse.

“I quit my job today. I went into work and I was assigned to a COVID patient on an ICU unit that has been converted to a designated COVID unit. None of the nurses are wearing masks, not even surgical masks in the hallways when they’re giving reports to each other," Vera said. “I had my own N95 mask. I told my manager, ‘I understand we’re short on supplies, but let me protect myself. Let me feel safe. I have family that I have to come home to, and the way that things are looking, this is not going to get any better.”


"America is not prepared and nurses are not being protected" with these words, Vera began the video, but more importantly, America is not prepared for the flow of hysterical lies, even presidential candidate Bernie Sanders succumbed and retweeted the video.

After receiving such support, the sobbing nurse shared information that the hospital’s medical staff still had protective masks.

"Thank you so much for sharing Senator. We were each assigned 1 N95 per 1 covid patient’s room but was not allowed to wear it outside of the room, wear our own N95 mask around the Nurses station or Halls, which I came prepared with. HCPs absolutely deserve protection by any means," she wrote.

After recording a whimpering video, Vera appeared on Facebook, in which the girl admits that she has mental disorders.


Author: Usa Really