Facebook Confirms Sharing Data With Chinese Companies
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Facebook Confirms Sharing Data With Chinese Companies


In a shocking disclosure made by Facebook, it has confirmed sharing user information with 52 tech companies and app developers even after it announced restricting this access in 2015. What is even more surprising is that the companies with which it shared the information include some that have been flagged by the U.S. intelligence as national security threats.

The list features major tech companies like Apple, Samsung, Amazon, BlackBerry, Alibaba, and Qualcomm. The companies flagged by the U.S. intelligence as national security threats that are included in the list are Huawei, Lenovo, Oppo, and TCL.

It has also come to knowledge that Huawei used its private access to feed a “social phone” app that let users view messages and social media accounts in one place.

Senator Mark Warner of Virginia pointed out that concerns about Huawei were not new, a 2012 congressional report pointed towards the “close relationships between the Chinese Communist Party and equipment makers like Huawei.”

“I look forward to learning more about how Facebook ensured that information about their users was not sent to Chinese servers,” said Mr. Warner, the top Democrat on the Intelligence Committee.

In a futile attempt at defending itself, Facebook said that it shared data with the companies in an effort to improve its integrations and user experience across platforms and devices, noting that its partnerships were established before smartphones running on Apple’s and Google’s high-powered operating systems were as ubiquitous as they are now, the report said.

“People went online using a wide variety of text-only phones, feature phones, and early smartphones with varying capabilities,” Facebook wrote.

Whatever Facebook says to defend itself, it is clear that Facebook has been lying. The truth is that all of this happened in spite of the social networking giant’s assurances that app developers and other companies no longer had access to personal user information following its policy changes in 2015, which as we all now understand was a blatant lie.

Information that Facebook let these companies have access to include their friends’ names, gender, birth date, current city, hometown, photos and page likes.

Although Facebook has confirmed ending such partnerships with most companies, it has admitted to still having similar ongoing arrangements with 14 companies including Nokia, Vodafone, Yahoo, Mozilla and the Chinese company Alibaba which has deep ties with the Chinese government.

What is clearly evident here is that most of the companies that had access to the information were American or Chinese companies and not one Russian company features in this list. However, when the blame game of stealing user information starts, the American government under pressure from the deep state always puts the blame on Russia. Having an adversary, whether true or imaginary, has always been the strategy of the deep state to cling on to power and use this power to make themselves filthy rich using the hard-earned money of the innocent American taxpayer. If someday the American public were to truly understand that Russia is not an adversary but a country that has for long wanted to partner with the US and its allies to make the world a better place, the deep state would cook up some new adversarial country, maybe even Wakanda.

Author: Pradeep Banerjee