The mayor of Chicago debunked the myth that Blacks are “invulnerable” to coronavirus
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The mayor of Chicago debunked the myth that Blacks are “invulnerable” to coronavirus


What was originally a meme and a joke on the Internet escalated into terrifying consequences. Coronavirus is a disease that exacerbates other, more serious diseases, and as statistics show, for every death of a white American, there are seven dead African-Americans.

"We know that, for example, the rate of diabetes, heart disease, upper respiratory illnesses, all of those things are exponentially magnified throughout black and brown communities. And this virus attacks those underlying conditions with a vengeance," said Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot in an interview with Rachel Maddow on MSNBC on Wednesday."The fact that black folks are dying seven times the rate of any other demographic, that's a hard thing to even wrap your mind around,»

At first, Chicago officials did not take seriously that society would accept such an absurd myth that Black has immunity to coronavirus, but later had to admit that lack of information and stupidity were underestimated.

"People Of Color May Be Immune To The Coronavirus Because Of Melanin" read the headline of one article, from, shared on Facebook, reports PolitiFact.

Now that hundreds of thousands of people are infected and thousands have died, the authorities have moved to targeted attacks on the foci of the spread of the disease.

"There's a myth in black Chicago that black folks can't get coronavirus," she explained, "and we are doing everything we can to disabuse people of that notion.»




Author: Usa Really