Tennessee Health Insurance Deductables Set to Skyrocket
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Tennessee Health Insurance Deductables Set to Skyrocket


NASHVILLE, TN – July 11, 2018

Tennesseans who are about to sign up for health insurance in the coming year, might face a significant rise in their monthly or quarterly deductables. 

Despite the fact that state officials are trying their best to put a stop to this, their efforts will probably be in vain, since the problem goes straight to Washington itself: analysts directly connect the increased cost for insurance deductables with Trump’s decision to freeze Obamacare payments.

The Affordable Care Act has never been allowed to work the way it was designed, and the Trump administration’s decision to freeze the payments is part of its ongoing strategy to undermine the law, said Chris Coleman, an attorney for the Tennessee Justice Center, a nonprofit public policy group.

“It’s this continual chipping away and destabilizing of the marketplace by completely unnecessary actions that are a death by a thousand cuts,” Coleman said. “If they would just finally settle on a policy rather than trying to sabotage the program, I think we could get some stability.”

Author: USA Really