COVID-19 is a military secret of the US Army
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COVID-19 is a military secret of the US Army


Military secrecy is a sacred thing and it is an axiom for every serviceman of any state. The enemy must never know how many soldiers there are in a battalion, what they are armed with, where they are located and what their plans are. The lives of those you serve with always depend on it. However, sometimes military commanders use the words “military secrecy” only to preserve their high positions.

After the captain of the U.S. aircraft carrier "Theodore Roosevelt", Brett Crozier, concern about the COVID-19 outbreak among the crew members of the ship and inactivity of the Pentagon’s commanders reported to the media about the problem, he immediately lost his position and was removed from the warship. The reaction of the Pentagon was clear because President Donald Trump himself became furious with the media reports of Brett Crozier. This incident became an excellent lesson for the U.S. Army commanders of all ranks around the world and now the military leaders are ready to call the cause of their soldiers’ deaths anything but the worldwide spreading coronavirus.

On March 30, the information about the death of U.S. Army Sergeant John David Randolph Hiltie at the U.S. military base in Iraq near Erbil began to spread in various media. In general, it is common for any soldier carrying out his duties in an area where international terrorist groups are active. However, there is one particular feature. According to the obtained information, the death of a U.S. serviceman is not connected with the conduct of operations.

At the same time, sources related to the U.S. Army began to spread information that the military "died not in a battle and not from COVID-19". By the way, there is still no official explanation for Sgt. Hilti's death. The autopsy is prohibited as well as the transferring of his body to his family. But why?

Taking into account the fact that the U.S. command could not prevent the COVID-19 outbreak at the secure military facilities such as aircraft carriers which are permanently in the sea, what can be said about the military forces in Iraq? It’s known that the U.S. troops make constant trips throughout Iraq where the epidemic situation, including the COVID-19 can hardly be called safe. Meanwhile people die from coronavirus in the equipped hospitals in the cities.

Three other U.S. aircraft carriers — Theodore Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan and the Nimitz, — also had cases of the military servants infected with the novel virus. The ships seem to be isolated from the rest of the world by thousands of nautical miles while at the same time everyone is healthy at the American military bases, especially in the Middle East. It sounds quite weird on the background of strange reports of Sgt. Hilti’s death from anything but coronavirus.  

The whole situation reminds us that the U.S. military command tritely hides the facts of the soldiers infected with a new terrible disease. This is just another act of inhumane attitude from the U.S. commandment and the Pentagon officials toward its own soldiers. They think rather about keeping their high positions than about their soldiers.

Photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Ryan M. Breeden/US Navy

Author: Usa Really