Intoxicated Driver Sheriff's Deputy to Draw a Gun
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Intoxicated Driver Sheriff's Deputy to Draw a Gun


OHIO — July 11, 2018

The scary statistical increase of alcoholism amongst Americans has found another confirmation; namely the recent incident in Fairfield County, Ohio where sheriff's deputy Justin Mann was forced to draw his gun in order to pacify an intoxicated driver who was going over 100 mph.

The incident started when Mann said he saw a black 2011 Hyundai traveling at a high rate of speed on Refugee Road near Milnor Road. The vehicle made a left turn on Milnor Road while the traffic light was red. Mann said he activated his lights and siren, then attempted to pull the vehicle over. But he said it then sped up to more than 100 mph before finally stopping on Meadowmoore Blvd.

Mann said that the driver happened to be 30 year old Shelly Renee Lovell, who already has three prior OVI convictions.

Mann drew his gun as Lovell exited the vehicle but she then got back into the car upon his command.

He said Lovell thought that Mann was her ex-boyfriend chasing her. She said she received a text from the ex-boyfriend that evening saying he was going to wreck her car.

Lovell then apologized when Mann asked her if her ex-boyfriend was a police officer driving a marked cruiser equipped with red and blue lights and a siren.

Lovell told Mann she was coming from a restaurant on Route 256, saying it was not the one on Hill Road. But Mann told her that Route 256 and Hill Road are the same thing. Lovell told Mann she had one or two drinks, and then kept repeating the ex-boyfriend story, Mann said.

He said Lovell had to hold on to her car's driver's side door for balance when exiting her vehicle and that she was unsteady on her feet and couldn't walk straight.

After she first refused to take a field sobriety test, Mann arrested Lovell. He said she tried to pull away from him while wearing handcuffs and refused to sit in his cruiser. She did sit down after Mann threatened to charge her with resisting arrest. All the while, Mann said a strong odor of alcohol was coming from Lovell.

After being placed in the cruiser, Lovell said she wanted to take the field sobriety tests after all. She also told Mann she was a gymnast when he asked if she would have any trouble walking in a straight line. But Mann said Lovell could not walk a straight line. Mann said she also had problems with some of the other tests.

After completing the tests, Lovell uttered another profanity to Mann and said she wanted to call her husband so he could pick up her car. Mann noted Lovell then demanded that he call her husband and also said it was illegal that she had to wait until she got to jail before calling an attorney.

Mann then took Lovell to the Fairfield County Jail. She is now accused of operating a vehicle while intoxicated, failure to comply with the signal of a police officer, and several traffic violations, including speeding and failure to obey traffic control devices.

Author: USA Really