Oklahoma Bans the Sale of Smokeable Marijuana
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Oklahoma Bans the Sale of Smokeable Marijuana


OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – July 11, 2018

Oklahoma's Board of Health on Tuesday voted to place a ban on selling smokeable forms of marijuana, according to The Oklahoman.

The department also voted to mandate that marijuana dispensaries hire a pharmacist. 

In late June, Oklahoma voted for the legalization of medical marijuana and joined the club of 30 states who already done so. But legalization is only the first step. The second is to design a framework for the law's implementation, when the law's opponents can set such tough barriers that it will be extremely difficult to implement in practice.

In Oklahoma, Gov. Mary Fallin opposed the bill from the very beginning and said that she'd convene a special legislative session to design such a framework.

The law's opponents believe that passing medical marijuana is the first step to legalization of recreational use as well. A petition is currently collecting signatures in Oklahoma to put recreational use on statewide ballots.

The Oklahoman reported that a ban on sales of smokeable marijuana and the requirement to hire a pharmacist weren't in the drafted rules that were presented to the board. But those measures were a priority for a coalition of medical groups, which laid out its demands in a press conference on Monday.

Dr. Jean Hausheer, president of the Oklahoma State Medical Association, told reporters the group had met with interim Health Commissioner Tom Bates and members of the board about its requests. 

Despite the votes on Tuesday, the state Department of Health’s general counsel, Julie Ezell, said that the battle for the new rules is only beginning, due to a potential court challenge.

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