Son Demands Mercy for His Father's Killer
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Son Demands Mercy for His Father's Killer


SAN ANTONIO — July 11, 2018

The son of man killed on East Side in 2004 is asking for his father’s killer to be spared.

Chris Young was 21 when he robbed and killed Hasmukh Patel, 55, in an armed robbery at an East Side convenience store. He was convicted and sentenced to death, but now Hasmukh Patel’s son, Mitesh Patel, is fighting to have Young’s life spared.

He explains his behavior through his pain in losing his father.

“His execution means that another family will lose a son, and another child will lose a father,” Mitesh Patel said.

Chris Young is in prison. He has developed from a former gang member into a mentor and a exemplary father to his daughters. He's willing to mentor others, using his past life experience as a way to prevent others from going down the same path. He paints as a hobby. He said death row is the reason for his lifestyle changes.

As of now more than 23,000 people have signed a petition hoping to persuade Gov. Greg Abbott to grant Young clemency.

Does he deserve to live? Mitesh Patel believes he does. Unfortunately his father Hasmukh is unable to provide an opinion, but how about those of us still living? Would you want your own killer to receive the death penalty? Perhaps we should ask people (at the voting booth, for example) what they would want to be done with their killer, death or mercy? Should a judge take into consideration personal factors in the case of murder?

The question remains open. What is the cost of human life, who sets the price, and how should it be measured? Perhaps the classic system of punishment, “an eye for an eye?” Clearly in cases of murder for financial gain a high precedent should be set, but Young's story also suggests that in some cases it might be better to end the cycle of violence.

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