“Real Causes” of Biased Journalism and Closing Ranks in the US Media, USA Really!
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“Real Causes” of Biased Journalism and Closing Ranks in the US Media, USA Really!


One knows something must be threatening and not necessarily based on its content, but based on the response. This is certainly the case in response to a series of what can be otherwise described as hit articles and interviews trashing a New US-based media outlet with Russian roots, USA Really!

What is so threatening and why the widespread response this site as purported Fake News.
Yes, it has Russian backing, and it is not hiding anything, and it is even sponsored by an independent Russian organization by the name of Federal News Agency. The overall plan is to provide a similar English news platform like Sputnik: "USA Really. Wake Up Americans".

They are even still hiring English speaking journalists. It just happens that I was working on the same subject, after reading an old work, The Brass Check, a Study of American Journalism by Upton Sinclair.

History is repeating itself, and this involves many factions of the US-mainstream-media. Its supporters are closing ranks.  The questions presented in this work are still worth asking today: "Why is the press biased?" could be asked only in the form “Why are people biased?"

In The Brass Check Mr. Upton Sinclair has had his eye glued so firmly to the question in the first-quoted form that most of the implications of the second seem to have escaped him.

The cause of biased journalism, Mr. Sinclair tells us in effect, is corruption-capitalistic corruption. Consequently, the solution of the community's problem of ensuring its main sources of information, the news channels, from contamination lies in taking the press from the corrupt capitalistic goats and giving it into the hands of the innocent public sheep.”

I had been working on a serious of media articles and received this today directly from the source, as it seems USA Really and I have some of the same enemies.

Attack articles do not fall from the sky, are sponsored and may hide behind the flimsy curtain of media integrity. 

Some of the same sources have been written against us both, as part of a larger Russian disinformation program.  I signed up to get their media spin from one of many email accounts, and you can judge for yourself the level of what is apparently a concerted attack.

And how writing something truthful will get them [powers to be [jumping on you like he dogs on a bitch in heat. I know from exposing corruption in NGOs and the bioweapons program in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia.

I would not say that this is reported by liberal media outlets but government sponsored sites, which attack anything that is not in keeping with the current policy or lack “thereof” at a given time. Already USA Really YouTube account was blocked.

It is interesting that they always accuse about ties with the Kremlin and without any proof. But most of them granted and affiliated with US governmental bodies, including Radio Free Europe.

Many of these people are working out of Georgia, I know some of them personally and their histories: some have special notoriety, such as having operated a Sex in Georgia Site.

The same sources attacked me a few months ago over my articles about a US military bio weapons program in Georgia.

An eccentric American living in Tbilisi has helped feed the rumor mill, claiming that the lab is being used to test killer viruses and bacteria on humans. “Georgians are being used as white rats,” declared Jeffrey Silverman in an interview with Patrioti TV, a Georgian news outfit that advocates closer ties with Russia. Though he has been widely discredited as a conspiracist, he has regularly been interviewed by the Russian media—including in this 2015 Rossiya 24 report — and his claims are often picked up and recycled by alternative news sites.

For the sake of brevity, media is not black and white, and just because someone has alternative views, does not make them the conveyers of fake news, and what is wrong with giving interviews with a local news outlet that calls for close ties with Russia?

Naturally, nothing, however that is a moot point in the larger scheme of things. USA Really describes it best on a YouTube clip for the American audience. 

  • Due to the growing political censorship imposed by the United States, fewer and fewer information sources which are not under the control of US authorities are accessible. Hence American citizens are not able to access objective and independent about events occurring in the United States [and for that matter], throughout the World.
  • The information which flows from the US and its allies, which is aimed at discrediting the Russian Federation, should not remain unanswered by the Russian media.
  • The Federal News Agency (FAN) is not going to tolerate the hegemony of US authorities in the information field and announces the launch of the project “Wake up, America!”
  • In May 2018, the information agency “USA Really, Wake Americans”[America] will start its operations, it will focus on promoting information and problems that are hushed up by major American publications and are controlled by the US political elite.
  • The site invites English speaking journalist and authors and to send their CVs for consideration with the subject “Wake Up America.”

NB, even the Ukrainian media is starting to wake up to all that has transpired under the banner of anti-democracy and State building; some journalist are starting to realize that they have been sold a pig-in-a-poke by the MSM and the US-State Department.

Anything that gives an alternative view is suspected/blamed of being from Moscow; there is no secret about that sides are taken, and unless the Western-sponsored sites come clean on their own, we are in for a big fight.

USA Really is not hiding anything. One of the groups attacking it is out of Tbilisi Georgia, and I know their MO. We are entering a new stage of media war, and I would not be surprised if they block us every way possible way.

Also, some of those on staff of these hit sites have been attacking me and trying to spin some of my early articles. They are trying to make more out of some of my articles than they are at face value. It goes back for me to the 2008 Georgian Russian War, even before with my investigations of the Pankisi Gorge and allegations of US government providing material support to Chechen terrorists.

I know our adversaries well. Some of those on staff are from Vice News, and they have been very active in the media war in Ukraine and beyond. Such sites are often funded by the EU and the US government. One only has to consider the source of some of the media outlets highlight such work, such as Radio Free Europe.

So, folks, we are going to be in for a fight; I am glad that I am getting in at this stage. I want to be around long enough to see how things will evolve in this Great Game of the Pot calling the Kettle Black.

Author: Jeffrey Silverman