Countless allegations of sexual violence bankrupt a large diocese in New Orleans
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Countless allegations of sexual violence bankrupt a large diocese in New Orleans


Years of sexual abuse of children led to the bankruptcy of the Archdiocese of New Orleans. This statement was published on Friday.

"The move was necessitated by the growing financial strain caused by litigation stemming from decades-old incidents of clergy abuse as well as ongoing budget challenges. The unforeseen circumstances surrounding COVID-19 have added more financial hardships to an already difficult situation," говорится в официальном заявлении.

According to Archdiocese, this decision was made so that victims of violence, where priests act as rapists, receive money directly, and not to sponsor expensive trials.

“I strongly believe that this path will allow victims and survivors of clergy abuse to resolve their claims in a fair and timely manner,” said Archbishop Aymond.  “No parish funds will be used to settle claims. It is a pastor’s responsibility to decide how parish funds should be used to support parish ministry and this process preserves that principle.”

The diocese also says that as a result of these manipulations, only the Archdiocesan administrative offices housed mostly at Walmsley Ave. and Howard Ave will be affected. 

"The Archdiocese’s action will not affect individual church parishes, their schools, schools run by the various religious orders, or ministries of the church. These offices will continue daily ministry as usual".

Despite the fact that the church society has long compromised itself, people continue to bring them money and their children, and this move with bankruptcy is just another ploy that will allow a group of predators to stay afloat financially.

Image: Jackie / Flickr

Author: Usa Really