Nebraska Woman Arrested for Talking Too Much
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Nebraska Woman Arrested for Talking Too Much


FREMONT, NE – July 12, 2018

Local media reports that Linda Berner, a 69-year-old woman from Fremont, Nebraska was arrested, due to the fact she refused to stop talking during a City Council meeting.

The topic of the meeting was a controversial housing development plan, but since the alloted time for public comments was only 3 minutes, and Berner spoke for more than 5 minutes, she was kindly asked to step down from the podium by Fremont Mayor Scott Getzschman.

Getzschman had asked Berner four times to wrap up her comments, but when she refused to do so, Police Chief Jeff Elliot approached her and asked her to step aside or she would be placed under arrest.

Berner, in turn, taunted the police chief, daring him to place her under arrest, and he promptly complied, arresting her on "suspicion of second-degree trespassing."

Author: USA Really