"The historical truth needs to be protected" the U.S. overstimates its contribution in World War II
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"The historical truth needs to be protected" the U.S. overstimates its contribution in World War II


During a recent online broadcast called “Victory Day. Why historical truth needs to be protected”, Federal Agency News attempted to go into the matter whether the role of the U.S. in World War II overestimated.

History has repeatedly become a weapon in the hands of politicians. And as the 75th anniversary of the WWII approached, the Western countries were trying hard to distort the role of other countries, including the USSR, in the events of those terrible times.

When asked about the role of the U.S.A. in the WWII, the historian, and Creative Director of the press center of Patriot Media Group, Artemiy Galitsyn, who was an online broadcast host, emphasized that Washington has always been overestimating its role in that war.

Associate professor of the Department of history and philosophy of SPSUACE Evgeniy Guryev agreed with this opinion and added that the U.S. has not invented anything new, as after the Eastern bloc collapsed, to set this as the goal of fighting for a unipolar world.

"With the collapse of the anti-Hitler coalition, a tug-of-war began over who played the main role in the victory over Hitler — the United States or the USSR,” he added.

The results of a sociological survey of 1945 about the biggest contribution in the victory over German, held among the Frenchmen were given during the online broadcast. 57% - the USSR; 20% - the U.S.A.; 12% - The Great Britain. However, in 1994 their opinion in the frames of the same survey changed. 25% - the USSR; 57% - the U.S.A.

"We haven't lost it yet. Since the perestroika era, we have misdirected our efforts in fighting communism and Stalinism. We have put a bomb under ourselves in this matter. The information war can only be won by responding to the lies of the West in the history of World War II with the truth," Guryev said.

So what was the role of the U.S.A. in World War II indeed?

During the WWII years the U.S. accepted the state program, by which the country was obliged to provide the Allies with ammo, military technics, food-stuffs, and medicine. The USSR was included in the number of the basic clients. However, the Western historians and politicians overestimate the role of lend-lease when they say that it was it that let the USSR win the Nazism.  

"Nevertheless, the truth lies between extremes. If we talk about the role of lend-lease, we need to understand when the value of these deliveries was maximum. This was when our industry was being evacuated in 1941-1942. After the factories in the Urals were operating at full capacity, we were already outgunned by the Germans. Then, of course, the percentage of lend-lease began to decline and became only a means of "plugging holes", — said Guryev.

It is worth noting that under lend-lease, the allies delivered 2 times more cars to the USSR than the USSR produced during the war.

 But let’s recall some other historical facts which have never been openly mentioned neither in media not in the history study-books. Not many know that the U.S. took part in World War II before one million American men volunteered for the war after Pearl Harbor. But and on the other side too.

Nazi Germany’s war efforts were largely supported by two organizations. One of them was IG Farben, the organization that produced 84% of Germany’s explosives and even Zyklon-b used in the concentration camps. One of the unspoken partners of IG Farben was Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company. In fact, the German air force could not operate without Rockefeller’s Standard Oil and it would be impossible for Nazi German to bomb London in 1940-1941 without a 20 million dollar sale of fuel to IG Farben by the same company.

The other organization feeding the Nazi war machine was Union Banking Corporation of New York City which financed numerous aspects of Hitler’s rise to power. But besides that, UBC was a Nazi money-laundering bank. It was eventually exposed for having millions of dollars of Nazi money in its vaults. It’s worth saying that the Director and vice-president of the Union Banking Corporation was Prescott Bush, the former U.S. President George Bush’s grandfather.

So the U.S. business was also involved in the war funding both sides of the war.

When the war was over, the U.S. dealt with the spoils of war in its way and brought more than one hundred German Nazi scientists and engineers to America amid the military’s “Operation Paperclip.” Most of the scientists were the architects who developed “retribution weapon-2” known as V-2 missiles which killed thousands of civilians in Allie’s cities, chiefly London. The work of the same scientists and engineers would later develop Saturn rockets which then help the U.S. send Apollo-2 to the moon.     

So what should anyone say about the contribution the U.S. made in World War II? It’s indisputable that thousands of American soldiers died fighting for peace since Day-D up to the end of the war. But now, the attempts of the western governments to rewrite the history is “a trump card and a natural reaction,” and just one of the ways to purify themselves from their own war crimes and to win in the modern geopolitical standoff.

Author: Usa Really