"Shugalei" movie about two Russian sociologists illegally captured in Libya is released on Russia Today
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"Shugalei" movie about two Russian sociologists illegally captured in Libya is released on Russia Today


The action thriller “Shugalei” directed by Denis Neimand was released on May 8 and was publicly showed on Russia Today channel. According to RT, the movie based on true events, was also available in the English language the following day.

The movie is telling the story of Russian sociologist Maxim Shugalei and translator Samer Sweifan who were abducted in Libya in 2019.  The public show of the thriller is aimed to make the international community see the events unfolding in Libya, in particular, the lawlessness that is happening on the Government of National Accord controlled-territories.

The so-called Government of National Accord (GNA) is the same organization on which order Shugalei and Sweifan were captured. However, still there were no any official charges against the Russian sociologists from GNA.

The Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Vitaliy Milonov, commented on the release of the thriller noting that it’s important for as many people as possible to watch this movie.

"This is very important because the story of Maxim Shugaley is probably one of the most illustrative examples of the lawlessness that is currently happening in Libya and the Middle East. All this is a direct consequence of the foreign policy intervention of the United States and its satellites,” Milnov told Fan.

The Deputy also expressed his hope that after publicizing illegal actions of GNA in Libya the international community would bring pressure to bear upon the members of the terrorist group and puppet government in Tripoli that will help to free Maxim Shugalei and Samer Sweifan.

“I hope that it [the movie] will be seen all over the world and adequate people will be able to objectively assess the resilience that Russian specialists are now demonstrating in Libya,” he added.

Recall, that the Russian citizens have been captured for almost a year in private Libyan prison “Mitiga” by bandits from the RADA group. Their family members and colleagues are still fighting for their immediate release. 

“This is a real piracy of the XXI century, committed with the blessing of the American foreign policy elite," concluded Milonov.

 Earlier, historian and professor, Evgeniy Guryev signed the accuracy of the facts shown in the movie.  Movie critic, Valeriy Fomin said that “Shigalei” can change the international community’s attitude to the situation in Libya and believes that the number of similar movies will be released in the nearest future, according to FAN.

Author: Usa Really