Hairdresser owner calls her salon ministry to open during pandemic
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Hairdresser owner calls her salon ministry to open during pandemic


Appleton, Wisconsin-based beauty salon owner Jessica Netzel filed a lawsuit against the state, citing her constitutional rights to religious freedom being infringed because she believes talking about God during haircutting defines her business as a temple of God.

Governor Tony Evers and the local police chief should be defendants in this case. According to Not the Onion, “a federal lawsuit arguing the state’s coronavirus safer-at-home order violates her First Amendment rights to freedom of religion, speech and assembly.”

Also, according to the plaintiff, her pseudo-sermons and stories about God are protected by the 14th Amendment of the Constitution, and when, recently, the police came to her and demanded to close her business, Netzel regarded this order as an encroachment on faith, and not a call to avoid coronavirus infections.

"The lawsuit states that there are spiritual references throughout the salon and Netzel 'sincerely believes that she is to share her faith with others through her work at Kingdom Kuts,'" reports The Friendly Atheist.

At the moment, such a lawsuit is unprecedented and if the court satisfies Netzel’s requirements, other business owners, regardless of direction, will be able to resume work “under the protection of God.”

And if the lawsuit is rejected, it will become obvious that even God is powerless against the US judicial system.

Previously, the mayor of Chicago was convicted of visiting a hairdressing salon despite her own stay at home order during a pandemic and the call for the closure of non-essential businesses, but it is obvious that the bans concern only the helpless population, and not the ruling and uncontrolled officials.

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Author: Usa Really