Clinton said Michigan armed protest must be recognized as terrorist attack
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Clinton said Michigan armed protest must be recognized as terrorist attack


Democrats are ready to declare their own citizens who are defending their rights and fighting for life in a pandemic, as a real terrorists who dare to threaten the current government.

"Armed men storming a legislature to disrupt its democratic proceedings is domestic terrorism. It cannot be tolerated," Clinton tweeted Friday.


Several aggressive protests have taken place in Michigan over the past three weeks. During rallies, groups of armed Michigan literally stormed Governor Whitmer's office with demands to open businesses and the state as a whole.

The last of these protests took place two days ago. People in Michigan peeved and demanding the resignation of the governor, who continues to restrain his own residents and the economy from returning to their previous course.

According to rough estimates, more than 190 people came out to protest. Some Protestants held dolls with a noose around their necks as a symbol of dissatisfaction with the incumbent governor.

As part of their anti-Whitmer protest, many wanted to kill the governor and even offered money for the official’s head. It is reported that one man was detained and charged with death threats.

The rest of the rally participants and simply dissatisfied Americans stormed social media. State Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey (R) tried to stand up for Whitmer, calling the messages “violent and threatening”.

"Those who have populated a number of social media posts with crude, violent and threatening messages about our governor, these folks are thugs and their tactics are despicable," he said, according to The Detroit News.

US President Donald Trump supported the Protestants, thereby further heating the situation between the people and the Democratic government.

“Some governors have gone too far. Some of the things that happened are maybe not so appropriate,” Trump told reporters last month. “I think, in the end, it's not going to matter because we're starting to open up our states. And I think they're going to open up very well.” 

Author: Usa Really