Nursing homes across the country blackmail old people to denude stimulus checks of them
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Nursing homes across the country blackmail old people to denude stimulus checks of them


Suffering from economic collapse, nursing homes have chosen fraudulent tactics of “legitimate” financing their businesses through stimulus checks of their residents.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, "some facilities are trying to take the stimulus payments intended for their residents on Medicaid. Then they're requiring those people to sign over those funds to the facility. Why? Well, they're claiming that, because the person is on Medicaid, the facility gets to keep the stimulus payment. «

Nursing homes illegally operate on terms and literally rob the elderly of their money. The Federal Trade Commission makes it clear that this dark scheme is illegal and if anyone is faced with this, it should contact Attorney General.

"The tax law says that tax credits don’t count as “resources” for federal benefits programs, like Medicaid. So: when Congress calls these payments “tax credits” in the CARES Act, that means the government can’t seize them. Which means nursing homes and assisted living facilities can’t take that money from their residents just because they’re on Medicaid.

"This is not just a horror story making the rounds. These are actual reports that our friends in the Iowa Attorney General’s Office have been getting – and handling. Other states have seen the same," says Lois Greisman of FTC.

This is not the first time that fraudsters have tried to trick and steal stimulus checks. From the time payments began in March, hundreds of fraudulent sites and pseudo payout programs have flooded the Internet. There have even been cases when a man braked and robbed the mailboxes of his neighbors.

Author: Usa Really