Oklahoma passed bill banning Red Flag Laws
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Oklahoma passed bill banning Red Flag Laws


Now Oklahomans at the legislative level should not be afraid of encroachments on their right to purchase and carry firearms. Toward the end of Monday, Governor Kevin Stitt signed Bill SB 1081.

Today, Oklahoma is the only state that has gone against the imposed policy of restricting the rights of Americans in the field of firearms. But sponsors of the bill, Sen. Nathan Dahm and Rep. Jay Steagall fears the federal government will try to bribe states to promote red flag laws.

"We cannot keep playing defense while expecting our constitutional rights to survive for very long with politicians who regard them as an inconvenience or even an obstacle to their schemes. Simply standing our ground and waiting for the gun control lobby to strike again has not worked — and it never will. With the passage of SB 1081, it is my hope that lawmakers across the nation will become inspired to champion similar legislation in their own states (and Congress) that not only safeguards the rights of every American but pre-emptively takes a stand against future efforts to dismantle our constitutional rights," Nathan Dahm said during introducing the bill last year.

Following the adoption of SB 1081, all existing red flag laws are repealed in Oklahoma. Despite such a victory in the fight for rights, pro-arms officials, politicians and activists may be wary of litigation by the president or Congress, which may offer grants to states that are willing to follow the red flag law agenda.

"...if Joe Biden wins election in November and tries to implement his anti-gun agenda. If that happens, I suspect that a dozen or more states might follow Oklahoma’s lead in safeguarding against the abuses of Second and Fourth Amendment rights that inherent in the laws," reports Bearing Arms.




Author: Usa Really