Virginia high school principle apologized for "racist" collage banner in class
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Virginia high school principle apologized for "racist" collage banner in class


An unpleasant incident with a school banner left the students of Virginia High school shocked when it seemed to have a racist attitude and made the principle apologize.

The banner was printed and displayed in Yorktown High School. Initially it was designed as collage of students’ photos to honor the Class of 2020 graduates. But it appeared to have the faces of minority students shaded in dark for the school logo of a capital Y.

“I thoroughly don’t understand how Yorktown put forth such a racist banner,” wrote one outraged student on social media. “I understand they were trying to do something nice for the seniors, but the execution was horrible.”

After the shameful artwork was slammed by the students, the school’s officials removed the banner following the apologies from the school principle, Kevin Clark.   

“This banner does not appropriately reflect our graduating class or our values, and we sincerely apologize to any student who felt offended or marginalized,” Yorktown principal Clark stated. “We do not condone any activity or imagery that offends our students.”

Yorktown is the least diverse of Arlington County’s high schools, with nonwhite students accounting for about 33% of the student population, according to ARLnow.

According to Public school spokesman Frank Bellavia, the collage was generated by computer software which creates composite images through hundreds of individual photos that are grouped to correspond with colors in the background.

“The printer sent a proof to the school by email, so it was difficult to see how the photos were placed to create (the) image,” explained Bellavia.

Author: Usa Really