Georgian Nurse Picks Up an Unexpected Passenger: a Black Bear
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Georgian Nurse Picks Up an Unexpected Passenger: a Black Bear


GEORGIA — July 12, 2018

Carrie Watts, a home nurse, left the windows down in her minivan to combat the heat while parked along Lake Burton in Rabun County where she was visiting a patient. When Watts returned to her vehicle, she found a surprising passenger waiting for her inside.

Watts captured footage of an adult black bear inside her car, eating her lunch.

The black bear smelled the lunch on the van’s seat and climbed in through a window. Watts specially said the lunch consisted of a sandwich, chips and a cookie. Perhaps this characterizes the bear’s diet preferences somehow, but it seems equally unlikely her lunch would have survived regardless of what she brought to work that day.

She also said that the animal ripped up her children’s car seats and demolished a pile of paper work. What made a bear so interested in Watts’ paperwork was not made clear, but it is clear the bear was as curious as he was hungry.

Watts tried to scare the bear out of the car with the car alarm and even banged on pots and pans, but the noise didn’t work.

Finally, the bear climbed out on its own and lumbered off. The ungrateful passenger did not even thank Watts for her for tasty food or the fascinating read.

Author: USA Really