Vote-by-mail «This is fraud» says NJ residents
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Vote-by-mail «This is fraud» says NJ residents


During a vote in Passaic County, New Jersey, a fraudulent voting scheme was revealed using a “safe vote”. Vote-by-mail, despite its accessibility and safety during a pandemic, has established itself as a hotbed of corruption.

Hundreds of residents did not find ballots in their mailboxes but found their names in the voter lists. It is still unclear how and who falsified or illegally seized other people's ballots. It also remains a mystery how a person was able to simultaneously bring dozens of ballots to the ballot box.

“We did not receive vote by mail ballots and thus we did not vote,” she stated in Spanish. When she was presented with an official list of some of the people who voted in her neighborhood – where her name was also on that list,” resident of Passaic County, Ramona Javier said. “This is corruption. This is fraud.”

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy is in no hurry to look for those responsible and somehow influence the process of illegal ballot stuffing. According to his statement, “It is too early” to draw any conclusions.

According to a county spokesperson, more than 800 mail-in votes were cast in one of New Jersey’s largest cities, reports 90 Miles From Tyranny.

“Hundreds of filled out ballots were found by postal workers in single mailboxes in Paterson, suggesting a possible vote bundling operation which election experts say is a crime. In one case, officials said more than 300 Paterson city ballots were found in a single mailbox in Haledon,” reports NBC.

New Jersey FBI and Attorney General declined to comment on the election fraud investigation. According to dissatisfied citizens, the law enforcement system is inactive and, by and large, simply collects statistics in order to help the loser in the future justify the illegitimacy of the elections.

“FBI and Attorney General – you went to school just because you want to be a law enforcer? Then enforce the law,” Councilman Luis  Velez said. “Lock them up. Show them that we have law here and that no one can be above the law.”

US President Donald Trump has tweeted about the upcoming elections.


Author: Usa Really