VIDEO: Two Russian jet fighters intercept US spy plane over the Mediterranean Sea
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VIDEO: Two Russian jet fighters intercept US spy plane over the Mediterranean Sea


The US Navy is still concerned with the incident involving two Russian jet fighters over the Mediterranean Sea intercepting the US spy planes on Tuesday. The video of the interception was released by the US military.

The US Military in its statement called the actions of two Russia Su-35 jets “unsafe and unprofessional,” and one of the closest intercepts ever seen.

“While the Russian aircraft was operating in international airspace, this interaction was irresponsible,” the statement said. “We expect them to operate within international standards set to ensure safety.”

However, the statement is quite controversial if to take into account that the Russian pilots "perform their task in strict accordance with regulatory documents and international law." The military expert commented on the incident saying the US air force planes "get impudent" by coming too close to Russian targets, that is why the maneuver of the two Su jets was effective and justified so there is no reason for the US "to be disturbed."

The Russian jet fighters approached Boeing Poseidon P-8 spy plane from both sides and were accompanying it for more than 60 minutes.  It was reported that both Russian planes were fully armed.  

Another Russian military expert Igor Korotchenko claimed that the Su-35s made “absolutely standard” operation and the Russian pilots don’t do the air piracy. He also noted that there was no any threat to the US aircraft.

"The Americans have a very nervous reaction every time our fighters find out the purpose of finding their reconnaissance aircraft in the area of responsibility of the Russian aerospace forces,” Korotchenko said.

The incident follows the US withdrawal from the Open Sky Treaty and the recent US accusing Russia of deploying the number of jet fighters in Libya in alleged support a renegade force against UN-recognized forces in Tripoli. The accusations were denied by the Russian officials.

Today, former commander of the 4th army of the Russian air force and air defense, Lieutenant General Valery Gorbenko told RIA Novosty that after quitting OST the US is trying to recompense the lack of information with a help of spy planes.

"The number of their flights will be increased both near the territory of Russia and in the places where our military is present. Russian aviation will actively prevent this. The number of such incidents may increase significantly," Gorbenko said, according to RIA Novosty.

The encounter marks the third time in two months that Russian pilots buzzed U.S. aircraft.

Author: Usa Really