Texas arsonist tried to set hotel clerk on fire during attempted robbery
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Texas arsonist tried to set hotel clerk on fire during attempted robbery


A Texas man tried to set a hotel clerk on fire during an attempted robbery.

Fort Worth Arson Department investigates the incident that happened Sunday night at the Budget Host Inn in the 3700 block of Tanacross Drive on the north side of Fort Worth.

The suspect poured some liquid out on the counter and some of it spilled over into the clerk’s workplace after the demanded amount of money didn’t appear. The incident was caught on the surveillance camera.

“When the clerk attempted to dial 911, he lit the fire without warning,” said Brad Sims, FWFD arson investigator. “It caused a large fire on the desk in the rear of the desk and the rear of the desk where the employee was.”

According to the Fort Worth Fire Department, the clerk did suffer some burns from the fire. The hotel also didn’t suffer serious damages except a melted phone.

The arsonist is still wanted by the authorities. The investigators hope that the CCTV will help to identify the person. The video also captured the moment when the suspect tried to change his appearance after he took off.

“He was fast. He was able to duck back and he had on clothing that resisted igniting immediately,” Sims said.

“He had on a hat that was backwards and he turned it inside out and put it on forward and he changed the color of his clothing by putting on a pink button-down shirt over the T-shirt he’s been wearing, a turquoise colored T-shirt,” Sims said.

He left the hotel in a white, four-door car that investigators believe is a Honda Accord with a sunroof and rear spoiler.

Author: Usa Really