San Francisco: Narcopolis
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San Francisco: Narcopolis



A video of a homeless man using narcotics on a BART train in San Francisco last month has become another footnote in the city’s struggles with quality-of-life issues.

Local news anchor Reggie Aqui posted footage of a man smoking an illegal substance on the BART train right before Powell Street station, FoxNews reports.

San Francisco has been recognized as one of the best cities for LGBTQ people, as USA Really reported in a our recent article San Francisco: Copropolis. In addition to a problems with litter and human feces, the city has a massive issue with drug abuse.

Earlier this year, commuter Shannon Gafford filmed and posted on youtube dozens of drug users shooting heroin at Civic Center BART and Muni stations.

Words can't do justice to the footage he captured:

In response to growing media attention to the problem, the junkies disappeared for roughly three months.

But the problem has surfaced again. This video posted on the Gafford YouTube channel on Wednesday, showing two people doing drugs in the same hallway.


The best action passengers can take if they see such behavior is to notify BART police by using the BART app on their smartphones, the transit agency told KGO-TV.

The app is monitored 24 hours a day, and police will board the train when notified, agency spokesman Chris Filippi said.

The words of John B. Finch, the former Chairman of Prohibition National Committee, were spoken in 1882, but have become an important slogan for modern life in San Francisco: “Your right to swing your arm leaves off where my right not to have my nose struck begins.”

Jane Abao, a member of the editorial Board Member at SAGE Open, explains the meaning of this slogan: “It refers to the boundary where one can act but has to stop when it approaches the boundary of another,” she said. “It is about the demarcation of liberties of an individual to the next individual. We each have our own personal space and there is a boundary.”

Author: USA Really